Warn users of risks, cops to tell matrimonial sites

City police’s cyber crime division will soon write to several matrimonial sites asking them to not just have disclaimers on their websites – which many of them already do – but also to write emails to all registered clients, warning them of the anticipated risks involved in meeting unknown people online.

Police, while conceding that they cannot hold the sites accountable for people being cheated by those they meet through them, say that such cases are a matter of concern. While only six cases of people being cheated of their money by those they’ve met via matrimonial sites have come to the fore in the last one year, police say there are many unreported instances too.

Bhushan Gulabrao Borase, SP, cyber crime, said he’ll write to eight major and 48 other top matrimonial sites across the country, requesting them to send out email warnings by Tuesday. Police’s concern may not be completely unfounded, even though the number of complaints may be low.
Ramamurthy (name changed), for example, has been pursuing police to find the person who not only broke his daughter’s heart but also cheated them of over Rs 1 lakh.

Ramamurthy’s family came across one Akash (name changed), whose matrimonial profile said he was an orphaned doctor born and brought up in the UK.

Why matrimonial sites witness 50-100% surge in demand for match making?

Startups and those working in them may have achieved a mark of
distinction in an acutely class-conscious society— the evidence is
surging demand on matrimonial sites.
It’s not just investors, even prospective suitors are queuing up for
entrepreneurs and those in the startup industry. That’s a U-turn from
few years ago when increased risk appetite did not bode well for marital

Why matrimonial sites witness 50-100% surge in demand for match making?

ID proof to be mandatory for registering on matrimonial sites at coming days

The absence of such a rule had abetted fraudsters, stalkers and even married men posing as single to fleece prospective brides or vice versa. There is no rule in practice currently that is can conclusively establish the identity of an individual registered on a marriage portal. It is only when you opt for its paid services that you are asked for identity proof. Top matrimonial sites have lately become a breeding ground for fraudsters, with incidents of the bride or groom fleeced becoming increasingly common and diffcult to check.

ID proof to be mandatory for registering on matrimonial sites at coming days

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